Bob and Ellen

by Bob and Ellen

I acquired my first sailboat seventy four years ago, and Ellen (aka Elena) and I acquired our first jointly owned sailboat sixty five years ago. Together we have sailed over a hundred thousand miles, and visited thirty one countries. But creaky knees and lessened mobility found us, so Ellen suggested a condo instead of our beloved Alden 52 Elena. The condo turned out to be our new Elena, a 2003 Krogen Express.

Moved Up From Hinckley

by Robert and Jill

As we talked about our purchase criteria, above all our next boat had to excite us visually as much as our Hinckley. If we couldn’t find another yacht we really loved, we’d keep the Talaria. While we wanted a larger vessel, we still needed to feel comfortable running and maintaining her ourselves. And while we didn’t need a boat as fast as our Hinckley, we weren’t prepared to slow down to trawler speeds either.