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Daystar Tiare at HI 0408The annual Spring migration, when boat owners work their way north for the summer, is in full swing for 2008. This year, as in years past, several Krogen Express 52’s are participating, albeit not entirely in prototypical fashion.

At the head of the pack is Scylla, a classic Flag Blue Krogen Express. Her Dutch owners, Hans and Thea, often host family and friends from Holland for extended stays on board. This particular adventure started in Fort Pierce, FL and initially took them south to the Keys with one of Hans’ business partners on board. Later, Hans’ sister joined them for several days of cruising.

Hans prefers a leisurely pace to fully enjoy his surroundings and take advantage of the miserly fuel consumption of the 52′ at 9 or 10 knots. Hull speed on the KE52′ is 9.6 knots, so if her captain is mindful of throttle position, he or she achieve almost 2 mpg’s at nearly 10 knots. Only when schedule or conditions require does Hans cruise at the mid-to-upper-teen speeds that the KE’s semi-dispacement hull efficiently delivers. Today, Hans and Thea arrived at Great Bridge, VA, where they’ll have a few things addressed by the capable crew at Atlantic Yacht Basin.

Down the ICW a couple states to the south of Scylla is Tiare, another Flag Blue Krogen Express that arrived in Charleston yesterday. Peter and Louise began their voyage in their home port of Naples, first heading south to get around the Keys. In between they’ve enjoyed stops at Ocean Reef, Fort Pierce, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, and most recently, Hilton Head.

As an aspiring travel journalist, Peter has assembled a multi-media slide show chronicling their adventures, which he has graciously agreed to share. Click this link to enjoy Peter’s fabulous photography, set to music, but be a little patient as it takes a little while to load.

Peter and Louise recently met up with the owners of the first Krogen Express 52′, now known as Loose Stones. Bill and Jane had just returned from a little road trip to Charleston, where they had shuttled their trusty Suburban. Rumor has it that the cost to move the Suburban rivals that of the Krogen Express, if you don’t count dock fees. Land travel is a little quicker however, but the scenery isn’t quite as interesting.

You’ll recognize Loose Stones from virtually any of the official photographs you’ve ever seen, as she was our original photo subject. Formerly Daystar, this Flag Blue Krogen Express has completed the Great Loop and is now on yet another voyage up the East Coast.

Resolute, a beautiful Whisper Gray Krogen Express 52, will be leaving Palm Beach this week to make the annual move to her summer home in Cape Porpoise, Maine. Owners Robert and Jill have some stops planned along the way, but as their ultimate objective is to get their KE back north, they’ll be cruising at a bit quicker pace. They will arrive in Hilton Head by May 1, where Resolute will spend a couple of weeks while they take a side trip. Their flight plan is relatively open, allowing them the flexibility to enjoy whatever comes up. Our kind of cruising!

It’s becoming a tradition for Krogen Express owners to incorporate a stop at Windmill Harbour on Hilton Head Island into their itinerary, and this season is no exception. Located behind a lock, the docks are very well protected, making this an ideal location to lay up for a night or a month. This also happens to be the home port of John and Betsie Tegtmeyer, principals of Krogen Express, as well as the beautiful South Carolina Yacht Club.

As a benefit we believe to be somewhat unique, Krogen Express captains and crew are treated to southern hospitality and extraordinary personal support from John and Betsie when they stop by. Whether it’s a minor repair operation on a windlass, maintenance on the stunning teak brightwork, cleaning of hair strainers, or simply good conversation over a great meal, our owners seem to find spending time there worthwhile.

If you haven’t been on the Krogen Express website lately, be sure to drop in soon. You’ll enjoy a new interior tour video, the addition of both new and older magazine articles, and, if it’s really been awhile, an all new look. This week we expect to have a new Yachtcontroller system installed on Daystar, the company showboat, and will be sure to share our impressions with you on the next post. Until then, we wish you fair winds and smooth seas.

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