by Bob Bob

Saturday morning the winds and seas had settled down, and we proceeded out on to the (Chesapeake) Bay. This body of water can be very rough. But it can also be quite still. We have experienced both. This was a lovely summer day with a light breeze and perfect water. We even got a tidal boost that saved us 45 minutes! We pulled into the mouth of the Patuxent River on the western shore of Maryland around 4, and by 5 were anchored in a lovely cove just off the town of Solomons. We love to anchor when we can, and the Krogen Express is perfectly suited for it. Lowering the anchor is a simple process, and even on a hot night, the numerous portholes and hatches allow for great ventilation. Because we have dogs who must go ashore, we make good use out of the dinghy, and a fully hydraulic davit makes launching it also a simple process.

I was reminded while assisting with the anchoring/dinghy launching how important teamwork is between the captain and first mate. Our friends, Cathie and PeteTrogdon, who just completed a 7 week cruise in Alaska aboard their 36′ Zimmerman are giving a talk at the upcoming Annapolis Boat Show on “Couples Cruising”. Without looking at the syllabus, I can guarantee they are going to include the importance of teamwork. There can be times when things get a little stressful, but in the end, working together to accomplish a particular task is rewarding and gratifying (if not relationship strengthening!).
Sunday morning, we decided to relax a little and didn’t pull up the anchor until 10. It was nice to just hangout (too bad I didn’t have the Sunday paper), plus it gave the girls and me a chance to take a long walk. Dinghy stored and anchor up, we were off to continue our trek north on the Bay. It was another lovely, smooth day; but as we neared the more populous part of the Bay we encountered more boat traffic. It’s nice to see other boats, for sure; but some, like noisy cigarette boats, we just as soon stayed off the water. As the day wore on, it got hotter and hotter. I went below to check my emails and saw that the air temperature was 88! It was actually cooler at home in Hilton Head, 700 miles south of here. (Frankly, I’m ready for fall!)
At 5:00 we arrived at our next anchorage spot, the Sassafrass River, on the eastern shore of Maryland in Georgetown. After we took the dogs for a walk on the sandy shoreline, we went for a swim off the swim-platform in the brackish water (half salt/half fresh). It was delightfully refreshing!