by Bob Bob

Just before I began to write this, I looked – AGAIN! – at the weather forecast, checking on the status of Earl swirling up the East Coast. I am thinking of our friends in Nags Head (on the Outer Banks) and all the places we passed a little over a week ago, hoping that they spared any irreparable damage. I am grateful that we are safe and sound on Long Island Sound in New York. 

After our big day off the New Jersey coast, we took our time on Thursday morning leaving Atlantic Highlands. We headed out around 10 and had a smooth and uneventful cruise through New York Harbor. We couldn’t believe how hazy it was, thus the fuzzy looking pictures of the skyline of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. But she was there, nonetheless. God Bless America! A truly wonderful country, even with all it’s challenges. (If you’ve never visited the museum at Ellis Island, be sure to do that sometime. It’s very special.)  Even though we have made the trip through New York City several times, it’s still thrilling and thought provoking. There are numerous water taxis, commuter ferries, barges, and site-seeing boats to watch for; but it also – needless to say – brings thoughts of the Twin Towers, 9/11, and the thousands who perished. Very moving. 
As we cruised up the East River we were in cell phone contact with our daughter who works in the City and has a tiny view of the River from her office. (Lucky her!) She positioned herself and her camera so that she could snap a shot of us as we drove by (see if you can find the little speck in the picture!) We did the same in her direction. Pretty amazing! We were absolutely delighted with her accomplishment! 
We got a 3-4 knot boost which was especially helpful through Hell’s Gate (a narrow strait with strong tidal flows) and then made our way to our destination for the night, Port Washington, on the northern shore of Long Island. Grabbed a mooring, and with the heat still prevailing, decided a swim was in order. This is a very convenient spot. A grassy park for the dogs, cute town, AND a huge grocery store within a ten minute walk! What could be better? 
We have made plans to head for a marina tomorrow morning when the seas and winds will kick up as Earl side-swipes us on his way northeast. And we are looking forward to a visit from our daughter over the weekend (that is if she can tear herself away from the US Open at the National Tennis Center which is a stone’s throw from the marina!)