by Bob Bob

Once again fully provisioned, we departed from Port Washington (which, by the way, has become one of our favorite stops) first thing Tuesday morning. The weather could not have been better. Even the seas were working in our favor….a nice breeze and a little boost from a south/southwest wind. A seagull decided to ride instead of fly to his destination, and accompanied us (see photo) for several miles. Fortunately the dogs were snoozing and didn’t notice, otherwise there would have been massive amounts of barking!

As days go, this was a relatively short one – only 4-1/2 hours! What a change from those long days we had on the ICW. But once we had the New Jersey coast and all the bridges of the ICW behind us we could relax and enjoy the trip a little more. We pulled into Port Jefferson (across the Sound from Bridgeport, CT) around 3 pm. We are getting really good at getting the dinghy down….and putting it up. We’ve done it dozens of times; and on a Krogen Express with it’s fully (lifts, lufts, and rotates) hydraulic davit and the position of the boarding gates, it’s a simple and stress-free process. Anchored and dinghy down, it was a 5 minute ride to a long stretch of a deserted beach. The dogs had a blast running and running without leashes. Back on the boat, the sun set and brought with it strong wind gusts of 25 mph. The bimini rattled, but the anchor held beautifully. Nothing like a good anchor to guarantee a sound sleep.

We got started early on Wednesday morning as NOAA (National Oceanic Atmosphere Administration) called for a small craft advisory and we wanted to get to our next destination before the winds got too bad. Turns out the ride was quite nice. No rain and another boost from the ssw wind. We drove along the northern shore of eastern Long Island. The area is of course not as populated as the western part of the Island. Along its coastline are beaches, sandy bluffs and green brush. It reminded me a little of Scotland, except for the sprinkling of large American-like homes. At 12:30 we turned into the Mannituck Creek and cruised another 25 minutes past homes and docks (see picture) to a small anchorage at the end of the creek. Another successful set of the anchor and dinghy down, off we went for a long walk into the little town of Mannituck. (I apologize for not posting a map of our whereabouts. That will have to wait for our 2011 blog!) We got warm on our walk, so decided we’d take a swim when we returned to the boat. Some of us couldn’t wait, and walked right in to the water from the beach by the dinghy dock!!

Tomorrow we head for Block Island, one of our favorite stops. Our good friends, Carol and Dick Tuschick, have generously offered us their mooring; and the Island should be less crowded now with vacationers back to work and school. We’ll stay there until Sunday when we’ll go into Newport!