by Bob Bob

It was nice to be in Block Island when there weren’t so many tourists, although there were enough for us! We pulled into Great Salt Pond (the large mooring field/anchorage) on Friday around 1, and with the help of our binoculars spotted our friend’s mooring ball. The wind was blowing like crazy which made it a more difficult procedure than usual. In fact, remember that couple I mentioned in a previous blog entry? We were the animated ones this time! Oh well, it happens. The wind also made going ashore a wet and salty experience because there were white caps in the mooring field! And over the weekend, the wind let up only occasionally. We took some nice long walks which felt very good after being exercise restricted the past two weeks.

Block Island is very quaint with historic lighthouses, rolling hills, sandy bluffs and winding roads. It is located 13 miles south of the coast of Rhode Island and 14 miles east of Montauk Point on Long Island. The island became a part of the colony of Rhode Island in 1672, and it’s 1000+ inhabitants live on a land area of about 10 square miles. There are no name brand stores on the island. Everything is independently owned, even the grocery. We enjoyed 2 full days there, heading out on Sunday morning for Newport.
When we got out onto Block Island Sound we found the water rougher and the wind stronger than we had expected. We were driving into a east-northeast wind. Thank goodness we had the option to pick up the speed and get there twice as fast! Advancing north into Narragansett Bay the seas calmed down and we were able to enjoy the sites…..two huge cruise ships anchored in Newport Harbor, gorgeous estates, including Hammersmith Farm, the childhood home of Jackie Kennedy, and stately 2 masted sailing yachts, heeling and sails billowing. Even though it was a cool, damp day I could tell the sailors aboard were really enjoying themselves. Personally, I like being dry, warm, and cozy in my pilothouse!
We got situated in our slip at the show and began to see our fellow boat show compadres! We equate the boat show circuit to the circus in that we all go to the appointed locale, set up, display our wares, take it all down, and move on to the next spot! We have lots of work ahead of us the next several days. After Newport we head west to Norwalk, Connecticut for the next show beginning Thursday, September 23. Stay tuned for future blog entries.