by Bob Bob

We’re going to sign off for a few days.  The Newport boat show – the first show of the season – starts tomorrow, and we’ll be busy meeting and greeting!  We were told that there are 50% fewer boats here than 4 years ago.  Wow.  We are grateful that Krogen Express Yachts LLC is in excellent shape, selling boats and building more.  And we are grateful for our wonderful family of owners.

While we’re tooting our own horn, let me just add here – on a personal note – that I continue to be awed by the work ethic and attention to detail of my two “boys”, John and Bob.  John is hard at work on the boat here in Newport while Bob has been tending to things in Florida, getting a boat ready for it’s new owners.

 We’ll reunite this evening, get a good nights sleep and be all set to go in the morning.  The boat is (nearly) ready, the weather forecast is good, and we’re fired up!

This is our show boat on a mooring in Newport, taken a couple of weeks ago.