by Bob Bob
Our 10th Newport show completed, we were rejoicing in the gorgeous weather we’d had. Some years we’ve not been so fortunate, as they’ve brought high winds and accompanying side-ways falling rain. Not fun. During the shows we always move off the boat into a hotel, and so when the show was over at 5 on Sunday afternoon, we were happy to return to the boat and settle back in to life aboard. That evening we shared a nice relaxing dinner with some of our good marine-trade friends.
The Newport and Annapolis shows are both temporary. That is, the docks are built around the boats as they arrive, and are removed as the boats depart. (Actually it’s quite something to observe and participate in.) We were last in and, consequently, on Monday morning, we were first out. The weather couldn’t have been better, and we hit the tides and currents just right which boosted our speed almost 10%.  Departing Newport, we headed back to Essex, Connecticut. Our dear friend, and Northeast/MidAtlantic Nordic Tug dealer, Ben Wilde, offered us some dock space there. (Thank you Ben!) We jumped on his offer since the weather forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday was ugly…….mega rain and winds at 30 mph with gusts over 45. Ugh.

Safely tied up at Essex Island Marina just after lunch, we sat back and enjoyed the rest of the day, in recovery mode from a busy show.

This marina is an island and they provide a ferry to transport the patrons back and forth to the “mainland” and town of Essex (a mere 150 ft!)
Monday night we were treated to dinner at the home of the marine-trade friends referred to above, which also included a reunion with other friends who own a small boat company. Tuesday morning we were able to borrow their car and head to the grocery to provision. I never appreciate the use of a car as much as when I’m on the boat and want to do big grocery shopping! Errands completed, we waited for “the weather”. The rains never materialized, but the winds sure did. They picked around 4 and got more intense as the evening wore on. The bimini frame was shaking like crazy, and the boat was banging into the dock. When it was time to take the dogs ashore for their before-bed outing, M.E. was afraid she’d blow away! There were even swells in the approximately 150 foot wide harbor we’re in!  But when I awoke in the night the wind had ceased. I looked out the porthole and saw that the water was perfectly still. It was so weird how it suddenly changed. Welcome to the world of weather-watching! All was well with the boat, by the way.  These Krogen Express boats are so soundly built, they withstand all kinds of adverse conditions! 🙂
We’ve spent the last few days here, waiting for things to calm down on Long Island Sound. Plus we just like it here! And who doesn’t mind being tied to a dock for a few days? While we’ve been here we’ve become acquainted with the owners of the Kadey-Krogen 58 exhibited at the Newport show. Great folks. We went out for pizza with them last night. We’re going to depart tomorrow morning, and continue west. The Jersey shore (no, not the tv show!) looms ahead. We are diligently watching the wind and wave forecasts.