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Krogen Express Heritage

oldphotoDuring the roaring twenties, commuting to work in one’s own private yacht was the chosen means of transportation for many of the nation’s top industrialists, financiers and businessmen. Cruising to and from their estates on Long Island or up to Newport in style and comfort aboard their Elco, McInnis, or other fine crafted wooden yacht was a part of this golden era of yachting. Cruising forward to the late 20th century, Kurt Krogen became intrigued by the beauty, power and grace of these fine yachts. He set out, along with his father, renowned naval architect James S. Krogen, to re-create the style, comfort and performance of the commuter yacht era but improved with the construction techniques and materials of today. In addition, they made sure that the Krogen Express lived up to the tradition of superior hull design and livable accommodations that Krogen designs are famous for. The Krogen Express 49′ was the result of these efforts and is a yacht that has fully satisfied their owners demanding requirements over the years.

kThe new Krogen Express 52′ is an evolution of this very successful design. In our effort to consistently improve Krogen Express with each boat we produce, in 2002 we were ready to incorporate a number of changes at once. The birth of the Krogen Express 52′ involved all new tooling, moving the production to a premier boatyard that has been building Krogen designs for decades, and a number of design, size and component upgrades. Finely finished to the most exacting standards and with the best materials, her fluid lines and exceptional performance will satisfy the most demanding yachtsman for years to come. Her spacious pilothouse, livable saloon and aft deck, comfortable staterooms, walk-in engine room and superb finish make her an exciting and uniquely attractive package. For decades, the Krogen name has meant safety, style, comfort, value and pride of ownership. As you navigate the following pages of our website, you will see how Krogen Express builds on this tradition.